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A rapid shift off carbon won’t happen without funding, and it won’t all come from big institutions. Community climate finance is where small and medium investors, communities, local cleantech, practical innovation, and energy democracy join hands.

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6 hours ago

“Sadly, the #GreenbeltLandGrab was only the most visible tip of the iceberg,” said Franz Hartmann, Alliance for a Liveable #Ontario.#Greenbelt #DougFord #ONpoliRead here👉 ... See MoreSee Less
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8 hours ago

A new International Energy Agency (IEA) roadmap, an update of the landmark Net Zero by 2050 scenario that the Paris-based agency first published in May 2021, factors in “significant changes” since then in the global energy landscape—the economic rebound after the COVID-19 pandemic, the “extraordinary growth” of some clean energy technologies, increased investment in fossil fuels, and “stubbornly high emissions”.“In the updated net zero scenario, a huge policy-driven ramping up of clean energy capacity drives fossil fuel demand 25% lower by 2030, reducing emissions by 35% compared with the all-time high recorded in 2022,” the IEA writes. With fossil fuel demand falling 80% by 2050, “no new long-lead-time upstream oil and gas projects are needed, neither are new coal mines, mine extensions, or new unabated coal plants.”“The pathway to 1.5C has narrowed in the past 2 years, but #CleanEnergy technologies are keeping it open,” said IEA Exec Director Fatih Birol.That puts the onus on #COP28 negotiators to “commit to stronger ambition and implementation.#1o5CRead here👉 ... See MoreSee Less
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Electric vehicle #carshares such as Miocar are gaining traction in low-income and rural communities across the US as they aim to make sure that the shift to zero-emission vehicles does not leave social justice in the dust.
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Urban thinkers in the US are beginning to look to mobile homes—what Canadians call manufactured housing—as a low-carbon response to a searing #AffordableHousing. And they’re looking to break down some unfair preconceptions along the way.
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#Arizona kept the lights on through a summer of crushing heat, thanks to widespread buy-in to smart #thermostat programs that prompted customers to turn down their air conditioners when the grid was stressed.
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