A Crisis Is a Scary Time. You Are Not Alone.

We know there’s a path to bringing the climate emergency under control. But getting there will take time. It won’t be easy. And there will be many tough moments along the way.

It’s natural to feel scared or overwhelmed by day-to-day climate news, or by the enormity of what we have to get done over the next several years. It’s also true that the only way to guarantee that we lose this battle of our lifetimes is to assume it’s already lost.

Here are some great resources to help you sit with life in the midst of a climate emergency… and when you’re ready, to do something about it.


  • Gen Dread is a free newsletter that talks about the emotional pain that the climate and wider ecological crisis is causing, and how to put it to work.
  • Project InsideOut “applies the latest research and best practices in psychology to help people on the journey from despair, passivity, and denial toward courageous, more impactful environmental action.”
  • The All We Can Save Project envisions that, by 2030, women leading on climate will hold the power to create transformational change and will experience deep joy in their work to build a just and livable future.
  • The Climate Psychology Alliance spreads awareness of climate psychology and mental health through educational events and climate outreach. Also see Handbook of Climate Psychology.

Further Reading and Resources

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